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The best writing does more than simply inform. It gets readers involved in the ideas on the page. It makes an impression on minds, hearts, senses, funny bones.


If thatís the kind of writing youíre looking for, youíre right where you need to be.  Please ó read on.


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Anita Bartholomew



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"I am moved to tears by this story!  Thanks for the fine work."

 Jody Rohlena, Senior Staff Editor, Reader's Digest

"Just wanted to let you know that 'Rescue in the Bayou' ranked at the very top of our reader poll in September... Many thanks for all the hard work and scrupulous reporting you put into your pieces." Gary Sledge, Assistant Managing Editor, Reader's Digest

"What a good job. This is the kind of insight that can come from only the most versatile, most professional kind of freelance writer." Tim Harper, Editor, The ASJA Guide to Freelance Writing (St. Martin's Press)




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